29 January 2012

Since 1943 Criterion has Participated

I was reading through the original draft of "The First 50 Years of Criterion Machine Works" and came across the paragraphs describing the first time Criterion exhibited in a trade show. The date was 1943 and the event was in Los Angeles. Criterion displayed their skills at manufacturing defense industry products as well as some of tooling applications they used to make the products. Criterion has continued to exhibit in local, national and international events every year since 1943.

This year will be no different. We will be exhibiting at Westec in March and IMTS2012 in September. What is different is Criterion now concentrates on just products being used in boring applications. You will see some of our new ads in the coming months with the theme "Criterion IS Boring" and we don't particularly feel bad about it. In fact, we are proud of what we have accomplished over our 76 year history. We stopped being a job shop and have concentrated on being boring. We originally made 1-1/2", 2" and 3" square boring heads and now we make boring heads as small as 5/8" in diameter to as large as 6" in diameter. We also developed a modular system to compete in the world market place. These are the products we will be showing at Westec and IMTS2012

One of the products we will be showing at Westec is our Cri-Tip Modular Boring System. Criterion developed the Cri-Tip product we can be connected to modular boring systems.

Cri-Tip Modular Boring System

The Cri-Tip Modular Boring System connects to either ABS connections or KA connections and will be shown at Westec in March. We are expanding the connections to meet the growing market of modular systems. You will be able to see what  other connections are being added at IMTS2012 in September.

Being 76 years old does not mean we can't keep up with those companies that are younger than us even if we are boring. We look forward to seeing you at either Westec or IMTS2012.