13 May 2012

Reduced Operation Cost

A customer called who wanted to bore a number of holes from 1.500" to 2.250" in diameter in aluminum. He wanted to know if he could run his boring head at 1,000 RPM. He has a number of Criterion 202 and 203 style boring heads and just wasn't sure what would be the best choice.

The size range of the bores made the 202 style the best choice for the application. He would have been able to reach the desired RPM on most of the bores and his parameters would have allowed him to produce them in about 30 seconds. I asked if he would be interested in producing the bores in 10 seconds or less which startled him because he had not thought about being able to do it that fast.

We then discussed the balance kit for the 202 style boring heads which gives it the capability of operating at speeds up to 5,00RPM. It uses a chart, a series of 6 balancing shafts and 4 balancing weights. The benefit for this customer was he could reducing the producing cost of this operation by 80%. Some additional benefits gained were improved surface finish and longer tool life from operating the carbide insert at the optimum SFPM. There will be less pressure on the spindle from the imbalance for the off-set on the boring head. These are not as easy to put a value on as the reduction in time but no less important as a savings.

If you have any questions on how to possibly improve your boring operations please contact us. We would very much enjoy working with you.