05 March 2013

Made in Beverly Hills

When a company is 76 years old it will have many interesting stories. One of our stories comes from a trade show attendee who stop by our booth. He brought a boring head that Criterion had made when the company was located in Beverly Hills, California. He was kind enough to give us the boring head shown below so we could add it to our display case of Criterion Boring Heads.

1940's Criterion Boring Head on Moore Jig Bore Shank

This is his story about the history of the boring head. His grandfather purchased the boring head from Criterion in the late 1940's (he was not sure of the exact year) and used it in his job shop for many years. His grandfather then sold the business to his dad who continued using the boring head. His dad then sold him the shop and he continued to used it because it still produced accurate bores. He decided to retire the boring head and purchasing a new Criterion Boring head. He knew we were going to be at the show and thought we might like to have a piece of our history. 

60+ Years of Service in Manufacturing

This boring head has been owned by three generations of a manufacturing family. It is a tribute to not only Criterion but another family business that has survived for three generations. Criterion has always been proud of the quality and durability of the products we produce. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers and hope they continue to use Criterion's products for generations to come.

01 March 2013

Spark the Fire

Much is being written about the need to attract young people into manufacturing and there is a need to make sure we have a qualified workforce to continue keeping the US as a strong manufacturing country. Criterion has participated on advisory boards for many of our local technical training centers, community colleges and colleges in our area.

 The Battle
of the Robots
Last weekend the NTMA Training Center in Ontario, CA held a Battle Box battle of the robots. The theme was "Spark the Fire" to introduce young people to manufacturing.

Do you think they
can destroy the Printer?

I took 3 of my grandson and their dad to see the robots.

The attendance was great and the mixer of people gathered to watch was a perfect blend. My hat is off to the staff of the NTMA Training Center as they drew the young kids in allowing them to operate some RC cars in between the robot battles.

There was a pit area where you could get a close up look at the robots and talk to the students who designed, built and battled the robots. The students were excited to explain to us how they built the robots and what they learned while building them.
The Pit Area 

I wonder if I could do this
A spark was lit as one of my grandsons asked if I thought he might be able to do something like that one day. I hope it turns into a flame and he will be a part of our manufacturing future.