21 September 2012

It's Good to be Appreciated!

This week I got a letter from Tom Hull an educator at Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, Oregon.

The letter reads:

September 2012

Dear Criterion,

Please find enclosed a newsletter I write from the high school shop where I teach. I told everyone how good your boring heads are (yeah, I know I need one at home, but I bought a new set for school).

You stuff works great!

Tom Hull
Metals Teacher

Tom included a copy of his newsletter titled "Quarter Inch Drive" which had a number of short articles about manufacturing and former students involved in manufacturing. It was an interesting and a great read. I am very glad he shared it with me.

This did make me curious about Tom Hull because this is out of the box. I found that Tom won the "Outstanding Educator" award at the Oregon Association for Career and Technical Educators convention. Tom has revitalized the metals manufacturing program at Marshfield according to the article that I read. It was easy to see why with the letter he sent me and his newsletter.

The world of education has many teachers who think out of the box and have the calling of educating and do not ask or seek the recognition they deserve. We all should be thankful for their dedication to a very noble profession.

Tom - I want to say thank you to you for thinking out of the box and teaching the youth in your area the importance of manufacturing. I appreciate what you are doing as I know it is not an easy task.