09 July 2010

Criterion 202B Balance Kit operates at speeds up to 5,000 RPM

Criterion Machine Works has introduced a balancing kit for their 202B boring heads. 202B boring heads now can be operated at speeds up to 5,000 RPM. 

The balance kit is a series of 4 weights, 6 shafts and a balance chart. When the weights and shafts are assembled in the correct combinations the boring head can rotate at 5,000 RPM with out introducing vibrations to the operation. 

Criterion also provides complete Modular Boring Systems so you can select standard components instead of investing in special boring tools. The Cri-Bore and Cri-Twin Modular Boring Systems will stand up to not only your toughest metal removal requirements but also your tightest tolerance requirements. 

Criterion’s Boring Heads, Boring Bars, Boring Tools, and Modular Boring Systems have been the Industry Standard for over 70 years. Criterion is proud to be your Partner in Precision Boring. For more information, please visit www.criterionmachineworks.com

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