15 January 2013

When Do I Need A Micro-Adjusting Boring Head

We are frequently asked to recommend one of our products for producing a precision bore. A guideline I use when I am recommending a product is the tolerance of the bore. If the tolerance is .006” or less I will always recommend a Micro-adjusting boring head if it is available. The reason for this recommendation is very simple the micro-adjusting range of these boring heads is .006” so you can easily make adjustments to stay with in your tolerance range without having to remove the boring system from the machine area and return to a presetter or some other measuring device to make a close tolerance adjustment. You simply determine how much adjustment you need to make and then move the micro-adjusting dial the appropriate number of graduations and you are ready to produce the next bore.

Cri-Bore Micro-Adjusting
Boring Head in an
Aerospace Application
50 Millionths on Diameter
Micro-Adjusting Boring Head

The main objection to using a micro-adjusting boring head is the initial cost. They normally are double the cost of a standard adjusting boring head. The ability to not delay the manufacturing process while making a diameter adjustment quickly pays back your initial investment. When the life of a boring heads is years (in some cases with Criterion boring heads its decades) it can be a very profitable investment.

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