02 April 2013

Its Just not as Exciting When Its Boring

Whenever I go to a home improvement store I always browse through the tool sets that are on display. I look at them because I like tools that make my work easier but I also want to see how they are packaged and marketed. I think one of the best at this is Dremel. They package sets of bits for sharpening lawn mower blades, cleaning and polishing golf clubs, removing grout and many other general and special purpose applications.

DBL-202B Boring Set
Creating a boring set package is just not as exciting. There are few variables; the diameter of the bore, the depth of the bore, the style of spindle and the material to be bored. For many years, Criterion has offered some basic boring head sets mostly for manual milling machines. It made sense to offer a DBL-202 bring head, R-8 shank all of the brazed boring tools that  would fit in the head (either in C-6 or C-2 carbide) packaged in a nice case where it could all be stored because manual milling machines did a wide variety of work.

As CNC machining centers entered the manufacturing arena they were not used in the same manner as the manual milling machines they were used for production because they made many parts exactly the same because the computer controlled the machine movements. Because they were a production machine so it did not make sense to offer a kit when the CNC milling machines did not require the same versatility as the manual milling machines.

CB-202B Boring Head, CT40 Tool Holder and Boring Bar

CB-202B Boring Set
The continued development and progression of using CNC machining centers has made them into excellent prototype machines. The capability of accurately producing a prototype part to the print is incomparable to a manual milling machine.  Because of this Criterion has added 3 new boring sets to our product line. Our CB-202B boring head, a set of indexable insert boring bars, a cross hole boring bar and either a CT40, BT40 or HSK63A shank in a convenient storage case give the versatility to produce bores from .250” to 6.687” in diameter.

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