20 August 2010

Modular Boring with HSK Connection

We have expanded our Modular Boring System with the addition of HSK 63A and HSK100A Tool Holders for the CB1.5, CB2, and CB3 size modular units. These New Shanks can quickly be connected to the Cri-Twin or Cri-Bore Modular Boring Systems as well as our CB Style Boring Heads designed specifically for CNC Boring.

The rigidity of the HSK andCB style connection and the strength of our dove-tail design gives you maximum strength and rigidity during the boring operations. Our modular boring systems are available with either .001″ or .000050″ direct reading adjustment dials.

Criterion also has a full line of V-flange, BT-flange, NMTB holders, and other holders and adapters to choose from. We have been producing Precision Boring Products for 75 Years.

We look forward to working with you on any of your precision hole making applications

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