16 August 2010

When Does an Aerospace Company change the Plane?

The answer is when they have to bore a horizontal hole on a vertical machining center.

The combination of a right angle head and a CBER precision boring system allows anyone to change the plane.

Recently an aerospace company contacted us about an application they had for boring a horizontal hole on a vertical machining center. They knew were making boring heads that fit into ER collet holders so they inquired about the possibility of our producing a boring head to fit into an ER16 collet holder.  They had a right angle head that used ER16 collets and they wanted to use it for boring their horizontal hole.

We had just successfully finished our CBER16 prototypes and were beginning our first production run of parts so they would be ready for introduction at IMTS2010. We sent them one of the prototypes they asked if we could extend the range so they could bore a 1.000-inch diameter bore.  We designed an offset head to accomplish their request (The black insert holders in the photo).  An additional dilemma was discovered when the flush nut design collet nut was added as a requirement. We had to quickly do some redesign to the CBER16 so the flush nut could be used.

Again the voice of the customer has given us a new product to carry forward. We will be adding extended range insert holders to our CBER16 and CBER20 precision Boring Systems.

If you need to change the plane or stretch the limits give us a call 800.854.7441 or e-mail us at cmw@criterionmachineworks.com we enjoy the challenges

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