02 August 2010

Product Line Expands because of The Voice of the Customer

A couple of months ago we were contacted by a machinery dealer who had seen our ads for the CBER boring system (you can read about it in our earlier blogs). They wanted to know if we could make ER32 to ER25, ER32 to ER20 and an ER32 to ER16 adaptors. We discussed the application, which was to give their customer a quick-change system for their turning center that was tooled with ER32 collet holders. After looking at the request we determined we could do the ER20 and ER16 sizes but not the ER25.

ER to ER Adaptor
While we were working on the design we realized this would be a natural extension for our CBER system. Our customers will be able to take advantage of the boring ranges of the CBER20 and the CBER16 products in their ER32 holders. We will not be able to have everything ready for IMTS 2010 but we will have it ready by the end of the year. If you have any questions about the CBER system or the ER to ER adaptors please contact us at 800.831.7444 or by e-mail at cmw@criterionmachineworks.com.

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